White Papers
051320 Bldg Solns-Air Filtration - download 299K PDF
Ventilation is the Foundation - download 344K PDF
Why Flush Your Facilities Piping? - download 255K PDF
5-Areas-of-UPS-Failure-to-Look-Out-For - download 601K PDF
082820-K-12-Schools-Face-Scrutiny-on-Housekeeping - download 354K PDF
082720-NYT-Reopened-Schools-Find-Health-Risks-in-Water - download 258K PDF
082420 EPA approves a virus-killing coating for AA - download 196K PDF
072720 Post C19-10 Strategies - download 74K PDF
072820 CalOSHA_COVID-19-Exposure-Protection-Plan-Template - download 185K PDF
081220 How-to-Safely-Reoccupy-Our-Buildings-During-C19 - download 3MB PDF
071420 Reopening Schools-Risk Reduction Strategies - download 2MB PDF
071020-Damp Bldgs-Human Health-HVAC Design - download 5MB PDF
060120-Mitigate-the-Spread-of-C19 - download 4MB PDF
070420 Fever checks-C19 - download 389K PDF
062320-LEOADALY_Relative Humidity - download 10MB PDF
052320 Sustainability-UV-Bipolar-Ion - download 465K PDF
052620-Ignoring-Airborne-Virus - download 279K PDF
081220 How-to-Safely-Reoccupy-Our-Buildings-During-C19 - download 3MB PDF
080220-20 Questions to ask - download 665K PDF
062420-Cook-Recommendations - download 2MB PDF
063020 C19 Waiver Sample - download 634K PDF
062720 Personnel Advisory on Reopening Schools - download 512K PDF
070820 TEA C19 Health Guide 20-21 - download 247K PDF
070920 CDC Considerations for K12 Schools - download 432K PDF
070920 Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting-CDC - download 649K PDF
070920 Reopening Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting Public Spaces_CDC - download 438K PDF
061920 Health and Safety Policy (sample) - download 145K PDF
062620 Reopening Checklists (sample) - download 989K PDF
071320-AAP-Guidance-for-School-Re-entry - download 615K PDF
USSS-Prior-Knowledge-Leakage - download 1MB PDF
USSS-Safe-School-Initiative - download 2MB PDF
USSS-A-Guide-to-Managing-Threatening-Situations - download 2MB PDF
USSS-Analysis-of-Targeted-School-Violence - download 9MB PDF
062420 Shipley School-Safe Practice Policy - download 505K PDF
061820 How Exactly Do You Catch Covid-19-WSJ - download 1MB PDF
062420 OSHA Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 - download 1MB PDF
061720 BOC Reopening Buildings after Shutdown - download 3MB PDF
061720 Water System Flushing - download 3MB PDF
062420 C19-Risk-Waiver-for-Parents_Sample - download 733K PDF
062420 GSES Summer Program Safe Practices - download 269K PDF
061220 Univ-Illinois_building_services_guidance - download 219K PDF
061220 UConn-ReEntry-Recommend - download 967K PDF
060920 Coronavirus survives longer in low temps high humidity - download 2MB PDF
042420 NPR 9 Ways Schools Will Look Different - download 2MB PDF
052220 After Coronavirus, Legionnaires Concern - download 520K PDF
051420 ASHRAE & CDC Guidelines - download 508K PDF
051120 Bipolar Ionization - download 4MB PDF
050420 Considerations for reopening following - download 230K PDF
051520 CDC School reopening - download 159K PDF
050520 COVID-19_ Report Offers 'Blueprint' for Reopening Schools - download 278K PDF
050420 Covalus Safer Steps Handout - download 459K PDF
050220 Electrostatic Cleaning - download 2MB PDF
043020 Returning-To-The-Workplace - download 673K PDF
For Independent Schools....at a glance - download 112K PDF
NFPA School Safety and Security Update - download 268K PDF
Net Assets Total Cost of Ownership - download 1MB PDF
Mind Your Maintenance - download 2MB PDF
Facility Mgt Briefing - Preparing for a Facility Audit - download 91K PDF
Facility Mgt Briefing - Understanding AHERA vs. TAHPR Asbestos Regulations - download 90K TAHPR ASBESTOS REGULATIONS
IFMA - Facility Condition Assessment Best Practices - download 186K PDF
School Business - Facility Audits for Business Managers Piel - download 280K PDF
How does an independent manager deliver value on a building project? - download 19K PDF
Construction in a Buyer's Mkt - download 646K PDF









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