High Performing Facilities


The ultimate achievement for a facility owner is to successfully engage in our High Performance Campus program.  Participating in this program entails a multi-year committment to facility performance monitoring and successful achievement of a third party sustainability certification, such as LEED EB+OM.  For aspiring HPC operators, enrollment in the Energy Star Portfolio Manager program is an important first step.  Building Solutions has the experience to assist from that point through the entire LEED program, and provides annual monitoring and updates of the facility audit.  Usually, the facility audit updates entail a continuous commissioning process, as operating practices and equipment condition are verified with each audit.


Apart from advising on LEED and Energy Star, we offer support on other certification programs. Energy audits, commissioning, and overall sustainability strategic planning are part of the company’s practice. When property owners are faced with potential operations improvements, such as new energy provider contracts or performance contract proposals, they turn to us for advice. When potential funding depends on achieving certain energy efficiency or certification goals, such as certain federal medical research grants, we have been called as an advisor. If a governing board wants to develop a formal policy and program statement about the relationship of the institution and the environment, Building Solutions is a natural advisor to developing that strategic plan.


Building Solutions is certified by the City of Dallas as a Third Party Green Building Provider. This designation authorizes the company to certify buildings as either complying or not complying with the city ordinance. Building Solutions works solely with commercial structures.


Building Solutions is a natural advisor for sustainable projects.

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