Sustainability is a guiding principle on nearly every project today. Real estate owners recognize that the cost of operations is a large part of the total cost of ownership. The rising costs of fuel and water create greater incentives to have efficient buildings. Some property owners, including those who own real estate for profit, recognize the importance of improved stewardship of resources, healthy environments, and minimum impact on the natural world, as their customers and financial partners hold them to higher standards of environmental sensitivity.


Schools, especially, want to express their commitment to sustainable development and operating practices through their facilities. How their buildings interact with the environment become a teaching tool and an example for students. Their campus users—students, faculty, parents—demand thoughtfully designed and operated campuses. “Green” building projects often attract contributions from donors who share the mission of improving the relationship between man and the environment.


While there are various motivators for different owners, the final decisions about what to do are usually based on what makes the best financial sense. As a project advisor, Building Solutions offers a convergence of knowledge and expertise that is needed for sound business judgments—experience with recent building innovations, construction cost knowledge, practice with the certification systems, property management background, and analytical skills.



Sustainability Advising


Sustainability is a mind-set and “how” we do everything we do at Building Solutions.


Many of our services to real estate owners and other service companies also fall into this category. The essence of sustainability is sound asset management. So, we provide:

  • Energy audits
  • Commissioning
  • Sustainability strategy formulation for boards, “green teams”, and task forces
  • Life cycle cost analyses of alternative building systems, such as HVAC solutions
  • Energy procurement
  • Economic analysis

The property owner's public image as a responsible citizen can also affect his economic success.  Certification programs are attractive because they can enhance that image.  So, we provide:

  • LEED program administration
  • Other certification program oversight (e.g. CHPS, Green Globes)
  • Energy Star enrollment and validation
  • Public presentations and training

We have served property owners and architects where the goal is to successfully receive LEED certification. Architects without prior LEED experience have sought training and guidance from Building Solutions, as a subconsultant on their team. Owners have looked to Building Solutions for guidance and leadership, as their LEED administrator. Besides knowing all facets of LEED, our project management background equips us to guide the designer and contractor toward success, while keeping the Owner well informed about costs and benefits.


LEED EB+OM offers special opportunities to many clients, especially those who don’t envision major building projects in the near future. Building Solutions is uniquely qualified to support EBOM programs, with its experience in facility auditing, facility management, and commissioning.


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Sustainability is a mind-set and “how” we do everything we do at Building Solutions.