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When it comes to independent school campus operations, no one has more knowledge or experience than Building Solutions as a technical advisor to facility managers, business officers, and governing bodies. We are THE market leader in providing facility audits and maintenance plans to education facilities in our primary market areas.


Our technical team has expert knowledge of each building system and has hands-on experience as facility operators, ensuring practical and actionable recommendations that reflect an understanding of budgeting and logistical realities. Our exposure to many similar campuses deepens our understanding of norms and best practices, which we can apply in our engagement with each new client.


We are also the leader in the application of sustainability principles to the education market. Our combination of services comprises our High Performance Building program, which ensures that high performance schools will match their exceptional programs with facilities that meet expectations of their constituents and support the institutional mission. At a minimum, this program pays for itself rapidly, while contributing to the education of the community and making an important public statement.


When it comes to education capital improvement projects, we protect the school’s interests in the inherently risky process of designing and constructing facilities. As an independent Project Leader (also known as a “project manager”), we are dedicated entirely to serving the school’s interests on the project. We know independent schools, their culture, financial priorities, quality demands, and decision-making patterns. That awareness coupled with our understanding of the business of developing buildings - design, city regulations, costs, and construction - allows you to sleep at night when we are YOUR Project Leader.


Not only can you sleep better, but you can be more efficient. School representatives are empowered to participate in the aspects of the project that are appropriate for them, by not burdening them with the project details that should be left to others, but shouldn’t be left to others who have conflicting interests or lack the technical skills.


Our performance on capital programs is clear - we deliver value that far exceeds the fee charged, and our experience with independent schools is unmatched in our market.



High Performance Campus Program

The High Performance Campus (HPC) program was created in response to a need voiced by independent school business officers and


facilities directors for technical support of facilities department leadership in their schools. HPC is comprised of a mutually supportive “community” of peers across the United States. The program benefits schools by maximizing utilization of the facility audit investment, accelerating the development of facilities staff and equipping them with tools that help them perform at a higher level, and dedicated hours for special projects advising and assisting school leadership with solving strategic problems. HPC also reduces the long-term cost of keeping the campus facilities audit current and relevant as an asset management tool for school leadership.



• you have a baseline facility audit

• “facilities” is a high institutional priority

• your staff is sufficiently engaged and proficient that it can benefit from the service

• you are active CMMS users



• maximizing utilization of the facility audit investment

• accelerating the development of facilities staff

• equipping them with tools that help them perform at a higher level

• technical advising

• source for best practices


Want to learn more about the HPC program? Contact us ( | 214.221.9145).

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