Your Real Estate Experts

Real estate professionals trust Building Solutions to help capture and enhance the value of improved properties, through the entire life cycle.


When property is acquired, the seasoned Building Solutions team delivers valuable insight in a property condition assessment that is prepared rapidly, and is considered the most thorough, clear, and complete of its kind. It is intensive, skeptical, and highly investigative. The team leader reduces dozens of observations to simple conclusions that reflect experience and an understanding of the real estate business, as well as construction and engineering. Sellers often comment that the multi-discipline team from Building Solutions learns more about their building in a day than they knew after their entire holding period.


Building Solutions helps the purchaser-client recognize and quantify his risks and future capital requirements, so he can buy at the right price and set the stage for value enhancement.


After the property is acquired, the due diligence report can guide the operator in correcting deferred maintenance, improving operations efficiency, or in repositioning the property with major improvements. Our past experience in property operations, energy improvements, and troubleshooting assignments is valuable to the new owner. Some clients calculate that a dramatic step, such as Energy Star or LEED EBOM certification will enhance asset value. We are experienced in applying these systems while measuring the financial impact of each step, so the results truly add value to the real estate.


Building Solutions identifies operating cost savings opportunities that increase NOI and attract tenants, so the owner-client can realize enhanced asset value,


When it comes to real estate development (or redevelopment) projects, Building Solutions is a surrogate for the developer client. The Building Solutions Team Leader exclusively protects the interests of the developer, and is capable of performing all of the duties normally assigned to a development partner—from zoning and entitlements, to team selection, design direction, cost modeling, and construction management. Everything the Team Leader does is aimed at minimizing risk and maximizing value.


When a real estate company has more development opportunities than professional staff, Building Solutions can provide the knowledgeable leadership needed to create value in a new development or redevelopment.