White Papers
Net Assets Total Cost of Ownership - download 1MB PDF
NFPA School Safety and Security Update - download 268K PDF
For Independent Schools....at a glance - download 112K PDF
Mind Your Maintenance - download 2MB PDF
Facility Mgt Briefing - Preparing for a Facility Audit - download 91K PDF
Facility Mgt Briefing - Understanding AHERA vs. TAHPR Asbestos Regulations - download 90K TAHPR ASBESTOS REGULATIONS
IFMA - Facility Condition Assessment Best Practices - download 186K PDF
School Business - Facility Audits for Business Managers Piel - download 280K PDF
How does an independent manager deliver value on a building project? - download 19K PDF
Construction in a Buyer's Mkt - download 646K PDF
When a Gift is Not a Gift - download 330K PDF









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