Property Condition Assessment


Thoroughness is the hallmark of a Building Solutions property condition assessment. Our clients believe they are best served if they know as much as possible about the building they may purchase.


While many companies provide PCAs according to minimum industry standards, Building Solutions is in a different business—the business of learning the whole story about the real estate. Our job is to deliver valuable insights about buildings with hidden defects that may not be discerned in a standard property inspection, and help our client formulate a vision for a successful investment. Sometimes the assets are complex, or the circumstances require exceptional sensitivity and intuition. Often, in a competitive buying situation, getting clear and reliable answers quickly makes the difference for our clients completing a transaction.


While the price of thoroughness may be slightly more professional time and effort, Building Solutions has thrived in this business because it has streamlined the time and cost requirements associated with delivering a superior product with its consistent team of specialists.


The typical Building Solutions assessment meets these challenges with a full team of specialists, far beyond the minimum disciplines required by the ASTM standard. Except for the simplest assets, we include 3-7 independent specialists on our team, each highly experienced, each addressing their respective building systems:

  • structural engineers,
  • mechanical and electrical engineers,
  • certified roofing consultants
  • building envelope consultants
  • licensed elevator consultants
  • accessibility experts
  • code consultants
  • architects
  • registered environmental consultant

Most of us have worked as a team for nearly 20 years. Often on short notice, we conduct coordinated investigations of buildings throughout North America, make important judgments in short transaction time frames, and deliver clear information that enables our clients to minimize their risks before making major financial commitments. Every team includes a leader with an understanding of the business of real estate investment or development, and not just technical background.And we’re ready to stand behind our assessments by implementing our recommendations, at our client’s option.


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