Project Leadership


Real estate development and capital improvement projects require experienced leadership from individuals whose interests are fully aligned with the project owners. Institutions and professional real estate owners often seek project leadership outside their own organizations when workload exceeds in-house capacity or requires specialized skills or experience.


Building Solutions brings to construction programs experience, market knowledge, business savvy and technical expertise. We bring value to development programs by working with in-house leadership to create strong teams, to define a vision and clear goals, and to manage performance to meet the project goals.


Our project managers have walked in the shoes of general contractors, architects, and engineers. Some have been professional real estate developers. Their leadership talents are supported by skills earned in the industry as project managers, estimators, and field engineers.


Clients receive the most benefit when we engage early in the project, guiding the architect and design team selection and contract negotiation. From there, we participate in programming and goals setting, interfacing with fundraising and financing efforts, and orchestrating the design process. We always work to make sure the right questions are asked and establish a well-defined project.


Our staff includes highly experienced construction cost estimators, so the team has access to expert cost guidance without hiring a contractor prematurely. When the project is ready to engage a contractor on a cost-competitive basis, Building Solutions will guide that selection to your best advantage. We add value by making sure the project is designed to your budget and the contractor is hired on your terms.


Throughout the process, Building Solutions assists by anticipating owner responsibilities and helping you make timely decisions about furniture, fixtures, and equipment. We also work with owners to distribute land information; interface with key representatives for zoning, utilities, telephone, technology, and alarm; and negotiate with city officials about issues in order to keep the project moving ahead.


A Building Solutions owner representative pays for himself many times over---guaranteed.


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