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Building Solutions is a project leader, process manager and technical advisor for real estate and facility development programs, building assessments and facility problem-solving. We give commercial real estate owners, educational institutions and municipalities a road map for maximizing the value of their real estate, from pre-acquisition due diligence and facility and energy auditing, to sustainability and operations improvement programs. We also implement the plans, as project and program managers. Our experience and deep technical expertise, and our reputation for attention to detail and customer service, make us the preferred choice for clients throughout the United States.


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BEYOND ORDINARY From the did-you-know files: There are approximately 7,400 languages spoken on the planet. Of these, 900 languages are spoken by fewer than 100,000 individuals. Nearly half of all humans speak a language from the Indo-European family as their native language – this family includes Spanish, English, German, French, Hindustani/Hindi-Urdu, Portuguese, Russian, Punjabi, Latin...
In my past life as a teacher, I spent countless hours finding the right balance between correcting students and letting students correct themselves. Little did I know that in my current career manifestation at IDEO, I would be searching for that balance once again. IDEO is best known for using design to tackle big, meaty...
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