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Building Solutions is a project leader, process manager and technical advisor for real estate and facility development programs, building assessments and facility problem-solving. We give commercial real estate owners, educational institutions and municipalities a road map for maximizing the value of their real estate, from pre-acquisition due diligence and facility and energy auditing, to sustainability and operations improvement programs. We also implement the plans, as project and program managers. Our experience and deep technical expertise, and our reputation for attention to detail and customer service, make us the preferred choice for clients throughout the United States.


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Dear Colleagues, I have been writing to all of you at least once a month for nearly the past six years. This is my last “From the ED.” As my time leading MISBO comes to an end, I have thought a great deal about the transformation of MISBO over that period of time. MISBO has...
The information below is from MISBO Vendor AED Brands: Implementing and maintaining an AED program goes beyond the purchase of the AED.  State and Federal requirements, as well as liability protection must also be considered. An EFFECTIVE AED program is about managing all the components necessary to ensure compliance. However, it’s challenging to have the...
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