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Building Solutions is a project leader, process manager and technical advisor for real estate and facility development programs, building assessments and facility problem-solving. We give commercial real estate owners, educational institutions and municipalities a road map for maximizing the value of their real estate, from pre-acquisition due diligence and facility and energy auditing, to sustainability and operations improvement programs. We also implement the plans, as project and program managers. Our experience and deep technical expertise, and our reputation for attention to detail and customer service, make us the preferred choice for clients throughout the United States.


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What keeps you awake at night?  For leaders at independent schools it is the safety and security of their students.  Below is some information on Magnus911 by Magnus Health, a new MISBO Vendor: Being Prepared for an Emergency with Magnus911 It would be great if we didn’t have to think about emergency situations, but that is not...
Recently a colleague sent me a note asking what I thought of the concept of continuous re-enrollment for their independent school. The concept seems pretty basic and is one used almost exclusively by higher education institutions. Once a family enrolls and signs the initial enrollment contract, the assumption is that the student will continue with...
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An overview of iAnnotate, a document management app that allows you to view and edit PDFs.
A design competition in Austin, Texas, aims to engage with both natural and urban ecosystems.
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Franklin Energy is excited to be a part of the City of Milwaukee’s Better Buildings Challenge. As a committed partner, Franklin Energy will work to improve Milwaukee buildings’ energy more
Are you experienced in creating and implementing environmental and sustainability literacy for early childhood, primary and secondary-level learners? If so, we want you to become a K–12 Learning Lab Pro Reviewer!read more
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