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The Construction Manager shall provide pre-construction and construction phase leadership as the client representative on all projects assigned. Projects typically involve commercial or institutional development of capital improvements of existing buildings or new construction at locations throughout the U.S., ranging up to $20 million.


As the primary pre-construction and construction support, the Construction Manager will often present on project interviews with the Vice President of Construction. He shall also work with the Vice president and Director of Marketing to develop project plan for these interviews.


General Authority

The construction manager reports to the Director of Construction or Vice-President of Construction. This position manages subconsultants and may supervise other employees on a project level such as Project Engineers.


Key Accountabilities

Construction Management

• Evaluate the Owner’s initial program, budget and schedule.

• Select design and construction team in concert with the Owner, using RFQ/RFP

• Assist owner in negotiating contracts with consultants and contractor

• As applicable, orchestrate the master planning process and budget/schedule/decision support

• Lead the project team to focus Owner in pre-construction decision making; support Owner in building consensus among its constituents

• Assist design team with due diligence whether municipal, public works or private.

• Manage the pre-construction process in accordance with the development schedule

• Assist the Owner in fulfilling its contractual responsibilities, such as providing information about the site, program, arranging for procurement and coordination of owner-furnished items

• Manage procurement of owner consultants in accordance with the development budget

• Preside over project meetings, ensure decisions are documented and communicated

• Manage the design process to ensure that the project remains within the owner budget; oversee value engineering efforts, as required to assure project is in budget

• Oversee acquisition of zoning and regulatory approvals, guiding the Owner to retain other advisers when needed

• During construction, conduct regular Owner-Architect-Contractor meetings, observe the work in place for quality and conformance with design intent, schedule, contractor performance

• Oversee the RFI, submittal and change order process, for compliance with Owner’s interests

• Review and approve the architect, consultant and contractor’s payment applications

• Oversee the performance of Owner’s consultants for services such as material testing, surveys, commissioning, platting and zoning

• Oversee completion of a project close out process that meets Building Solutions standards

• Prepare client invoices and maintain Building Solutions Value-Add analysis

• Issue monthly reports to the Owner, meet with Owner and Committees as required


Pre-construction Support

• Prepare project development budgets, assist with development schedules for all projects

• Work with Building Solutions estimator to provide cost estimating support during design phase until a Contractor is engaged, review Contractor estimates, update development budgets throughout the project

• Support other Project Managers and Sales, as a construction cost resource, participate in presentations of budgets to Owners, in the sales and pre-construction phases


Skill Requirements

• Experience providing leadership on commercial and institutional building projects

• Confidence in supporting projects outside of the DFW area, by identifying local resources

• Experience in preparing schedules, using software, including preconstruction phases

• Familiarity with construction practices and sequences, indications of quality, preferably as a general contractor

• General understanding of zoning and permitting

• Knowledge of construction safety practices

• Familiarity with industry standard contracts with architects and contractors

• Knowledge and proficiency in using Word, Excel, MS Project, and outlook

• Verbal and written communication skills, ability to effectively receive and deliver instructions


Experience and Qualifications

• Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Construction, Architecture, or Engineering

• 7-10 years of experience in Construction management with a general contractor or developer

• Enthusiastic user of technology

• Physically able to climb, lift, carry, walk substantial distances, work in all weather conditions

• Willingness to travel as needed 


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The Senior Associate—MEP is assigned a corporate responsibility for technical leadership in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. This person directs staff (including Associates) who are performing assessments, and performs some assessments directly as a project manager, and as a technical MEP specialist. As the company’s MEP specialist, this person will support all lines of business with regards to the specialty—construction management, HPC, etc.—and will be responsible for mentoring and training others about MEP systems. When serving as an assessment project manager, the Senior Associate is responsible for primary client interface, engaging subconsultant and employee resources, planning and executing the site reconnaissance, monitoring the database population and report compilation and submission. After successfully performing the work in this role, the candidate may become a Director.


General Authority

The Senior Associate reports to a Director or Principal. The Senior Associate typically supervises others on an administrative level, as well as on a project level.


Key Accountabilities

• Supervise Associates or others who are project managers on assessments

• Provide MEP assessment services to projects as needed

• As the MEP technical leader, train and mentor Associates and others to perform rudimentary evaluations and consult on engagements to address specific questions or problems, such as advising on PM programs, cost estimating, or value engineering


• As project manager

o Organize assigned projects, contact client, and plan site reconnaissance

o Source the project team, consisting of company staff and consultants as appropriate

o Organize and coordinate document collection, travel, and on-site activities

o Prepare cost estimates for prescribed remedial work and building component replacements

o Set up and populate a project database account or an Excel spreadsheet of remedial costs

o Manage photographic images and incorporate them into a report document

o Conduct inventories of equipment and building components

o Review contractor reports and propose edits as appropriate

o Provide oral and/or written briefings to the client about findings and report progress

o Prepare general description sections of the report and compile the report document, following a prescribed procedure

o Prepare exhibits and appendices to reports

o Communicate with client concerning presentation needs

o Oversee the project closeout, prepare invoices, pursue collections as needed


• Perform other duties as reasonably requested by direct supervisor


Skill Requirements

• In depth working knowledge of HVAC; electrical knowledge, in addition, is a plus

• Management of project teams doing assessment or facility management

• Technical writing and willingness to prepare reports for intensive periods (60-70%)

• Knowledge and proficiency in using Word and Excel

• Knowledge of CMMS software is a plus

• MEP replacement and maintenance cost estimating is a plus

• Verbal communication skills, ability to effectively receive and deliver instructions


Experience and Qualifications

• Preferably 2- or 4-year professional degree in Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Facilities

• 10+ years of experience in design, project management, facility management, or construction

• Technology user-level proficiency

• Background in managing technical and professional staff on an administrative level

• Capacity to work for extended periods of time composing narrative and data entry at a computer

• Physically able to climb, lift, carry, walk substantial distances, work in all weather conditions


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Only applicants being interviewed will be contacted. All replies will be treated with the highest level of discretion. Building Solutions is an equal opportunity employer.






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