CLEAN SLATE is an environmental health initiative for independent schools in response to the recent pandemic. It focuses on three dimensions of campuses: custodial, operations, and facilities. The goal of this program is to inform schools of best practices as they develop, following these unprecedented events, help implement them as needed, and provide schools with communications tools that will help them reassure constituents.



Meeting student, staff, and parental expectations of your school’s cleaning and sterilizing practices will help instill confidence in the campus as a safe place for their children. At the heart, CLEAN SLATE is a thoughtful, well-researched cleaning and sanitizing specification that is customized to your campus. It may be executed by your cleaning staff, your third party contractor, or through a formal RFP for which a special contractor can be selected. As is our firm's custom, we can assist in the procurement, implementation, and quality assurance process. It will include protocols for contingent response actions in the event of exposures of spaces and people to contagions in the future.



Learning to live with social distancing has been a challenge for all of us. The implications to your campus operations will alter the very fabric of who you are as schools and challenge business models. CLEAN SLATE includes a thorough review of your campus readiness for learning and developing students, while protecting your school community, both students and staff alike. What technologies work for tracking and detecting respiratory viruses and which ones are unproven? What operational adjustments to student, parent, and campus visitor traffic flow need to be considered? Are we prepared for distance learning long term? How will reassignment of spaces and program changes affect key responsibilities of the facilities staff? These are just a few of the hundreds of questions and topics that your peers are facing and we are helping them address.



In order to protect facilities users in the event of recurring exposure threats, campuses may need to be reconfigured for medical testing, isolation of potentially infected individuals, and to maintain social distancing. At the same time, as with facility security, we want to remain welcoming, warm, and hospitable. How can campuses gain valuable program space that accommodates the students in a safe manner? How can outdoor spaces be used more effectively? Where will lunch be served to remain safe and promote community? A review of buildings and how the current space is being utilized will be imperative to understanding solution options. CLEAN SLATE draws on Building Solutions' 30-year practice in all matters of facilities and campus operations and with its architectural and planning partners, will share what’s working and what’s not at peer institutions.


Interested in learning more about CLEAN SLATE? Watch our 5 minute introductory video (below), download this brochure, learn about our Respiratory Health Advisory Council, and contact us today. We also have some researched articles and in-house produced research below for your reference.


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Watch this introductory video about CLEAN SLATE:


A replay of our May 1st webinar can be seen here.

A replay of our May 5th webinar can be seen here

A replay of our July 9th Indoor Air Quality webinar can be seen here.

Learn about C19 Contact Tracing Training from one of our associates here.

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